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We're Back Up and Running!

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And we’re back! So I decided to port everything over to Hugo, because customizing the theme doesn’t require you to muck about with PHP, and its “everything is a page” design philosophy allows for more flexible content management, as well as its support for multiple sections effectively allowing you to have multiple blogs in one.

And as for Epik, I actually got in touch with Joey Camp over on Gab, and it looks like the original Daily Dot article on the breach was published by that pedo journalist that’s been going after him, and they’re trying to defame Epik to scare away potential customers. I’m still not terribly happy with them banning the Texas Right to Life Whistleblower site, nor the way they handled the situation with Camp’s domain which I think was kind of weak, but it looks like my other options are a Qtard supporter or a more mainstream provider that probably wouldn’t be a real improvement, so Epik is still probably the best option available.

So all that being said, college has started now so normally that would mean less time for a blog, except for me it actually adds some structure to my life, and since this college frankly sucks I can probably just write articles in class and still get good grades lol. Who knows, maybe this time I’ll actually start writing on here consistently!

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