Stephen's Homepage


This is basically where I'll keep scripts, artworks, etc that I've made. Here are my dotfiles if you're interested.

This is a PHP script I wrote to get RSS feeds for Gab profiles. It's not very polished, but feeds for individual accounts are 100% working. To use it, append "?id=[ID]" or "?user=[username]" to the URL (going by ID is faster). You can find a user's ID from the Gab API like so. You can also download the source to mess around with yourself, and lastly as a demo here's my timeline in RSS format.

Here’s an archived Twitter thread about why the US armed forces wouldn’t be invincible against their own citizens.

And another one where a Marine vet gives some lessons he learned from fighting the Taliban.

And yet another about the experiences of a family in Lithuania under the exceedingly strict vaccine passport requirements over there.

And here are some redpilling videos I’ve archived should they go down.