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Welcome to my site!

Hello visitor! I'm Stephen, and this is my website. On desktop you can navigate via the little buttons to the left, or on mobile by the three bars icon above and to the right. It's not much at the moment, but that will change with time. Here you'll find a variety of different features, including my computers and technology blog "Linux Boss!", a little about myself and some contact info, and an assortment of links to various other cool sites and goodies from around the web and of my own creation. Enjoy your visit, and let me know what you think!

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Recent Updates:

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What's this? You can now Support this Site with BAT

Just a quick update to let you know that users of the Brave Browser can now support this site by sending a tip in BAT now that I've just finished setting that up. Donations of any amount are much...

Mon, Sep 13th 2021

Setting up Volume and Brightness Keys with Percentage Indicators with a Tiling WM

Hello readers, and welcome to our first actual tutorial! So setting up volume and brightness keys with a tiling WM is pretty much trivial, and may even already be done for you. For reference, the...

Sun, Aug 29th 2021

Some Underrated Minecraft Mods

"Minecraft"'s always a hot search term, right? So I've been playing around with some mods again, and am thinking of actually releasing a new modpack with a major cave overhaul. Nothing major, no...

Wed, Aug 25th 2021

Quick Site Update

Ok so just making a quick announcement that this Tuesday I'll be uploading my 1337 dotfiles for all you n00bs to download and hack to your liking, uploading some tutorials on how to setup some simple...

Sun, Aug 22nd 2021

Get all your video subscriptions in one place with RSS

As we all know, YouTube is becoming increasingly hostile to independent voices, in large part because of extreme political bias but also because they don't want to pay smaller channels who bring...

Wed, May 19th 2021